Board of Directors

Mr. Lal Babu Singh
Founder & Director

Mr. Lal Babu Singh ( Founder & Director)

First Generation Entrepreneur , Mr. Lal Babu Singh is the Founder of the Organization.
A Dynamic and Disciplined, innovator and a techno-entrepreneur, He has a wide and deep knowledge and experience in the marketing and sales of Pharmaceutical Medicine.
Mr. LalBabu Singh has been the key driving force and the brain behind the foundation and creation of Avantika Medex, and its running/ upcoming subsidiaries. He has expertise of running Super specialty domains in the Indian as well as International Market with his strategic vision.
The Founder of the Organization, Mr. LaLBabusingh has powered the business with his eye-on-the-target approach and inventive spirit. He holds great respect and preference for high quality service standards, and his vision and firm belief in tenets of hard yet smart work have, time and again, yielded spectacular results. His unique entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism have been instrumental in writing the success story of the organization. With his Witt an immense knowledge of pharmaceutical products, he is successful to raise the flag as an Indian Exporter of Pharmaceutical Products in CIS Countries .With his rich experience in pharmaceutical industry, Nationally and Internationally, he has achieved and held the position of the Organization as a 2nd Largest Suppliers of medicine in Uzbekistan.

Mrs. Vibha Rani Singh
Managing Director

Mrs. Vibha Rani Singh (Managing Director)

Mrs Vibha Rani Singh, Wife of Mr. Lal Babu Singh is a Woman with Natural Ambition. She was a successful Script writer and Editor with Zee Network for several Popular Serials .She had a simple dream of attaining heights and as so she joined Mr. Lal Babu Singh in his business since 2007.She took an exploratory experience in Pharmacy Industry and became a great support of success besides her husband.
She is a lady with high spirits and positivity. Mrs Vibha Rani Singh never shies away from experimenting with novel concepts and uncharted territories. With her high standards, she renders strategic direction to the team in economic and business environment at the Indian Head Quarter of Avantika Medex in Ahmedabad.